Did Anyone See 'River Monsters' on Discovery Last Night?

Monday, March 29, 2010 |

A new episode of "River Monsters" aired last night and I've got to tell you it was pretty intense.

The host flew out to the Congo to try and catch some gigantic specie of fish that makes a piranha look like child's play. Check out the pic of this thing...

A Goliath Tiger Fish is a kind of freshwater fish that you will find floating around in the Congo river system in the Smoke Run region. The fish's body is a burnt-orange color with a red body and is capable of reaching up to 24 inches long.

"Prey consist primarily of other fish, but just about anything alive can fall prey to the Tigerfish. Like the Piranha, prey is eaten away bite by bite. Because they have razor sharp knife-like teeth, and extremely strong jaw muscles, they are among the few fish that can turn the tables on prey the same size or larger than themselves. There are unverified reports of attacks on humans."

In short, if you can find a clip of last night's show you should. This thing is definitely worth checking out.


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